Fingo: Make Money when You Shop

Fingo is an ECommerce app like Shopee and Lazada. Using the app, you can shop and make money at the same time. It is easy to do. You just need to share referral link to your friends via social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Email and etc.

After becoming a Preferred Shopper (PS), you make an average of 10% Cashback from your own purchases and your friends' purchases. You may withdraw the money to your bank account weekly.

Why Make Money with Fingo is Easy?

  • You do not have to meet customer.
  • You do not have to keep stocks.
  • There is no monthly maintenance or sales target.
  • You do not have to deliver the products on your own.
  • You can work from home.

As long as you know how to share your link with your friends, you can make weekly passive income. Some people I know already make over RM 30,000 or SGD $10,000 monthly!

Fingo Cashback Testimonials

Here are some testimonials from Fingo Affiliate Marketers (AM) and Affiliate Trainers (AT) who have been building the Fingo business for over 6 months. One of them is making RM 17,000 (SGD $5,600) weekly or RM 68,000 (SGD $22,600) monthly.

The best AT that I know is making over RM600k (SGD $200k) in less than 1 year!

Fingo Testimonial with Passive Income Proof
Make Money with Fingo Platform
Fingo Passive Income with Bank Withdrawal Email
 Fingo Income Earn over RM600k or S$200k in less than 1 year

You can be one of them if you start building your Fingo Business now.

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Why Buy from Fingo?

Most products on Fingo platform are shipped directly from factories without going through any intermediate parties like distributors, vendors and retailers.

Thus, the product's price is cheaper compared to other e-commerce platforms like Lazada and Shopee.

Fingo's slogan: Buy to Save, Share to Earn!

By sharing Fingo platform to your friends, you not only help them in saving money, but also earning money from Fingo.

Your friends will thank you for introducing Fingo to them. :)

How to Make Money with Fingo?

The Fingo Affiliate Program is one of the best ways to earn money from home. You can make both active and passive income in different ways based on your user category or ranking. Here is the summary of 4 basic user categories, benefits and rewards.

1. Shopper (SH)
  • Free sign up using a link provided by a Preferred Shopper (PS).
  • Receive a Free Voucher worth RM5 (S$1.7) from Fingo.
  • Not able to make passive income.
  • Not able to invite users as there is no invitation link.
2. Preferred Shopper (PS)
  • Upgrade from Shopper (SH) by buying a Preferred Product with price range from RM99 (S$33) to RM229 (S$76).
  • Receive shopping vouchers worth RM99 (S$33) to RM229 (S$76).
  • Receive Cashback of 10% for your own shopping.
  • You may send invitation link to invite your friends and family to join as your shoppers.
  • When your friends make any purchases, you will receive an average Cashback of 10% from their purchases.
3. Affiliate Marketer (AM)
  • Upgrade from Preferred Shopper (PS) when you have 30 (direct + indirect) PS in your team.
  • Receive an average of 14% Cashback from your personal purchases.
  • Receive 14% Cashback from your direct Shopper's purchases.
  • Receive 4% Cashback from your Preferred Shopper's purchases.
  • Receive Training Incentive (eg: RM100 or S$33) when any direct/indirect Shooper upgrades to Preferred Shopper.
4. Affiliate Trainer (AT)
  • Upgrade from Affiliate Marketer (AM) after you have 8 (direct + indirect) AM and 500 (direct + indirect) PS in your team.
  • Receive 15.6% Cashback from your personal purchases.
  • Receive 15.6% Cashback from your direct Shopper's purchases.
  • Receive 5.6% Cashback from your Preferred Shopper's purchases.
  • Receive 1.6% Cashback from your Affiliate Markerter's purchases.
  • Receive 0.32% Cashback from your Affiliate Trainer's purchases.
  • Receive Training Incentive (eg: RM135 or S$45) when SH upgrades to PS or when PS upgrades to AM.

*For your information, the Fingo Affiliate Program is currently opened for residents in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. It will eventually expand to other South East Asia countries like Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar, Brunei, Cambodia and Laos.

In additional, there are also 3 advanced user categories:-

  • Preffered Shopper BrandDeal (PSB or PS+)
  • Affiliate Marketer BrandDeal (AMB or AM+)
  • Affiliate Trainer BrandDeal (ATB or AT+)

These 3 user categories have other additional rewards and Cashback up to 40%!

You may contact me personally if you are interested to find out more details.

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